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Lara Chang - ryona by eyeteeth
Lara Chang - ryona
some ryona of my Lara Chang character, i am working on a comic for her but it is a ways off.
Lancetta - Falling Action pg 6a by eyeteeth
Lancetta - Falling Action pg 6a
this is one frame from the Lancetta comic i made. this frame was really annoying to render, the glasses took FOUR HOURS to finish because they had all kinds of reflections and refractions and in the end, i covered them up with broken glass effects anyway. oh well, i still like this frame.

Lancetta is my parody version of Bayonetta. really she wears the same amount of clothes as Bayonetta, she just doesn't use her hair to hide it!
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia nude by eyeteeth
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia nude
and of course the nude version. although really Nepharia's "outfit" doesn't hide anything to begin with. if you put a nude mod on her she would just be a skeleton :rofl:
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia closeup by eyeteeth
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia closeup
closeup mainly so you can see the texture on Maraj's outfit. she wears savage style clothes but they are very fancy, silver and gold faux fur. i think if Nicki Minaj was a barbarian she would dress like this!
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia by eyeteeth
Maraj + Jacyn + Nepharia
three more new characters. you will probably see two of them pretty soon. Maraj is supposed to be based on Nicki Minaj but i could not get her face very close. 


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i am taking a bit of a break from updating Commodore Flockgard right now. sometimes if i work on a project too long i will get burned out, so i am making other stuff. the first thing i am making is a short comic called Unicorn's Wreath. i will have a cover for it to show you mabye next week. it is going to run i think maybe twenty pages.

the other thing i am doing is making a GAME! you can download it here, it is still in VERY EARLY alpha. it is a very simple game, basically enemies appear and you click on actions to kill them. each action costs a white, red, or black "chip" and also costs ammo. chips get restored but ammo does not (when the game is complete ammo can drop off of enemies). it starts Lina and Vanessa, the two female soldiers from the Fury Soldiers comic cover.

here is a picture of the basic game layout, with no art assets installed yet (i am still making them). the two light grey rectangles at the top of the screen are Lina and Vanessa, the player characters you control. to the left of Lina and Vanessa are white chips, red chips, and black chips. every few seconds you may get more chips, and Lina and Vanessa spend chips to make attacks (they share one pool of chips). you lots of white chips, a few red chips, and very few black chips.

to the right is two white circles that are the ammo counters. the top one (starts at 10) is the ammo for the M21 rifle, which Vanessa carries. it is a sniper rifle. the lower one (starts at 100) is the ammo for the M60, which Lina carries. it is a machine gun.

at the bottom there will be light grey rectangles that represent enemy soldiers. you can see their health and their readiness. at 30 readiness, they will make an attack. each soldier has white, red, and black buttons you can press to attack that soldier. each attack can reduce an enemy's health and readiness.

the top row are Lina's machine gun attacks.
white: 3 M60 rounds, 3 damage, 15 readiness (short burst)
red: 7 M60 rounds, 5 damage, 15 readiness (long burst)
black: 15 M60 rounds, 1 damage, 40 readiness (suppression)

the bottom row are Vanessa's attacks.

white: 1 M21 round, 7 damage, 5 readiness (snap shot)
red: 1 M21 round, 15 damage, 5 readiness (aimed shot)
black: 1 M21 round, 32 damage, 5 readiness (bullseye)

right now the only enemies have 3 health, so the higher damage attacks are really only useful if you have no white chips. eventually there will be enemies that are only vulnerable to certain attacks, for instance enemy snipers will be difficult to hit unless you use Vanessa's bullseye attack. also in the future enemies will have a chance to drop ammo when they die, so you can refill that.

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